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    Brand New to the UK


    100% bio-degradable plastic bags - that really do simply degrade down to harmless biomass (soil).


    Our relationship with Ecosmartplastics in the USA provides us access to products and technology far in advance of anything else in this field.




    Eco-smartbagsĀ® line of waste/rubbish bags offer a variety of classic sizes and are made with a premium on quality, and manufactured in the USA. What will surprise you most is the commercial-grade strength and durability of the Eco-Smart plastic bagsproducts.

    All these products pass many ASTM standards, such as ASTM method D.5338.92, ASTM G.21, ASTM G.22, and ASTM D.5511-94. These industry standards are rigorous tests that verify our products special functions.


    Our products are 100% biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic, and chemical free.


    All Ecosmartplastics' products never need oxygen, light, heat, moisture or mechanical stress to turn into soil in 1 to 7 years, totally biodegrading and leaving no remnants behind.


    Our products can be buried in any typical landfill (a huge percentage of all rubbish ends up here), or placed in your compost bin, and you can rest assured they will disappear in a short time!

    They can also be recycled and/or used again and they will not harm the environment.




    In addition to the Eco-Smart bag range, we offer a specially scented range of bags - but the special fragrance has been developed to detrer vermin, insects, cats, dogs, foxes, birds and other wildlife.

    They also are made in a unique red colour which is outside the vision spectrum of many creatures.

    The Repellem bags are made from the same 100% bio-degradable formula as the Eco-Smart bags, but with the addition of 100% natural fragrant oils.


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