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    No Heat Motorcycle Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

    You spend hours cleaning and polishing your bike to make it look it’s best. Now, make sure your leather is just as sharp and new-looking!

    Our Motorcycle Leather & Vinyl Repair kit has everything you need to fix scuffs and tears in black leather seats, jackets, vests, chaps, trousers, boots. The kit includes most popular textures of leather & vinyl motorcycle seats, as well as "biker" apparel textures.

    Application is so easy! Just apply, and let dry.


    No Heat Motorcycle Leather Repair Kit Instructions

    Always make a practice repair before doing the actual repair. We suggest you create a similar blemish or damage on the the small piece of practice vinyl included in this kit. Then, make a practice repair on that before doing your actual repair job.

    Clean the damaged spot with a conventional, non-soapy cleaner (rubbing alcohol). Trim off any loose threads or damaged pieces of the leather or vinyl. If there is a depression under the damaged area, fill it in with cotton. The damaged spot should be level to the undamaged area.

    Using the fabric included in this kit, make a cut in it slightly larger than the damaged spot and insert it into the area, tucking the excess underneath the undamaged material. This will support the repair job and provide a base for the repair compound.

    The coloured compound included in this kit is the actual repair compound. Using the spatula, mix your desired colour using the colour mixing guide located on the reverse side of these instructions. Once you have the colour matched, apply the repair compound into the damaged area. Allow 1 hour for product to dry enough to become slightly tacky. The compound will shrink as it dries; apply a second or third coat if necessary.

    The grain paper included with this kit allows you to transfer a pattern to your repair. Choose the pattern than most closely matches the item that you are repairing. After applying the final coat of compound, immediately place the selected grain paper onto the repair. Put weight on the grain paper (if possible) to force the grain paper into the repair compound. This will help in transferring the grain to the repair. Allow to dry overnight.

    After drying, peel off the grain paper for a finished repair.

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