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    No Heat Fabric, Carpet & Upholstery Repair Kit

    Fabric, carpet and upholstery gets burned, torn, and otherwise damaged everyday. Now, you can repair it fast and easy...

    Burns - Cuts - Holes (Large & Small)

    Works on carpet, furniture, cars, motor homes, curtains and nearly all fabric materials.

    Contents: 7 Fabric Fibre Intermixable Colours, Spatula, Fabric Adhesive, Backing Fabric, a Colour Assist Mixing Chart and Instructions.

    It's So Simple To Use

    Fabric adhesive is applied into the damaged spot. Then, the special coloured fibres are mixed to the desired color, applied onto the adhesive, and allowed to dry.

    Repairs holes, rips, tears, burns and more.
    Easy to use: Just apply and let dry.
    Seven intermixable fabric fibre colours to match nearly any material.
    One kit makes multiple repairs.



    Upholstery & Fabric Repair Kit Instructions

    Always make a practice repair on a fabric sample before making an actual repair.

    Clean the damaged area with household cleaner. Trim any loose threads. If padding is missing beneath the damaged area and the area is depressed, spread cotton balls or cotton wadding evenly under the damage to build it back up.

    Using the colour match guide, pour the desired combination of colours into the empty mixing container. Shake the container 30-45 seconds to blend the fibres. Repeat as necessary until you have achieved your colour match.

    Cut the enclosed piece of backing fabric so that it is slightly larger than the damaged area. Insert the fabric into the damage and arrange so that it covers the damaged area from the inside.

    Using the spatula, apply the clear dry adhesive onto the damaged spot. Fill the damage as evenly as possible, covering it entirely. Rinse the spatula with clean water after completing this step. You will need a clean, dry spatula for step #3. For best results, allow to dry before proceeding to the next step.

    Apply a thin layer of clear dry adhesive to the area to be repaired. Using the spatula, scoop up a small amount of mixed fibres, and slowly and evenly slide them off onto the adhesive, using a finger. Do NOT touch the adhesive with the spatula. Cover the adhesive completely with the fabric fibres.

    Use the spatula to pack the fibres down into the damage, and to duplicate any patterns in the fabric. Allow several hours to dry before blowing off any excess fibres.

    If the repair is not as blended as you would like, repeat step 3, and immediately apply the fabric fibres. Blow off excess fibres, and allow to dry.




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