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    Air Dry Fix A Chip Wood & Formica Repair Kit

    Easily repair kitchen counter tops, cabinets, or any plastic laminate such as wall paneling, furniture, or desktops with the Fix A Chip Repair Kit. There are dozens of repairs you can do in your car, van, people carrier, boat or motor home.

    If you like to repair or restore furniture then Fix A Chip Repair Kit is just what the doctor ordered!

    Fix A Chip Repair Kit comes with seven colours and a mixing chart to help you match any colour. Simply mix the repair compound to the desired coluor, apply on the damaged area, and allow to dry. It doesn't get any easier than that!

    After the repair has dried, lightly sand if desired. Then apply the clear finish over the repair, and allow it to dry overnight. Our special repair compound will turn into a hard plastic finish, almost identical to the original. Fix A Chip Repair Kit has enough material to do up to 12 repairs!


    Fix-A-Chip Instructions

    For repairing minor damages in wood and plastic laminate materials.

    Clean off the damaged area to be repaired. Remove any rough edges or splinters by carefully
    sanding with a light-grained sandpaper. Countertops may not require sanding.

    The repair colours are intermixable. Using the colour match guide, mix colours to desired colour using the enclosed mixing bottle and spatula.

    Fill the colour matched compound into the damaged area, as evenly as possible. It is best to apply the compound in layers, allowing each layer to completely dry before applying the next layer. Two or three layers may be necessary. Once completely dry, sand smooth with a very fine sandpaper, if

    On the final layer, if a grained or textured finish is desired, place the closest matching grain paper
    (paper marked side up) on top of the wet repair compound, press in, and place a possible. Allow to dry overnight, then simply peel off the grain paper when dry.


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