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    No Heat Bumper Repair Kit

    If you go to your local car garage to repair damage in your bumper, it would probably cost well over £100-£200.
    No more! With the bumper repair kit, you can do it yourself.

    This kit comes with seven intermixable colours of repair compound, so you can get a very close match. For a perfect match on a painted bumper, we recommend you get a small vial of paint from your car dealer, matching the paint code from your car to touch up over the repair.


    Bumper Repair Kit Instructions

    Clean the surface to be repaired. If there is a rough spot or edge, sand it even by using medium grade sandpaper. The area to be repaired should be clean and smooth.

    Using the provided mixing bottle mix and match the colors to your bumper colour as closely as possible.

    Apply the repair compound to the damage in layers. Allow drying between each layer. When the repair is built up almost even to the undamaged bumper, apply the last layer and cover it with the grain paper included in the kit. Press the paper onto the wet compound. Tape the grain paper down and allow to dry overnight.

    If the colour matching of the repair compound is not exact, sand the bumper repair even and paint with matching car paint.



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