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    REPAIRED_1.jpgTear-Aid is a unique product which allows you to repair any pvc/vinyl product permanently on a DIY basis. No heating or welding is needed.

    Tear-Aid is a specially formulated high strength polyurethane polymer with a high strength adhesive which permanently bonds to clean pvc or vinyl (alcohol wipes are enclosed in the pack to ensure the surface is clean before applying Tear-Aid)

    As can be seen from the illustrations, the end result is a very high strength clear patch (ideal for use over any colour or even printed surfaces) which is resistant to tearing and penetration.


    Each pack of Tear-Aid contains a 5 foot long (1.52m) roll of 3" wide (75mm) Tear-Aid self-adhesive polyurethane polymer plus two alcohol wipes. It is normally only necessary to repair one side of a tear or rip. Note that if the tear is in vehicle side curtains it is illegal to drive these on public roads!

    Want more information or want to buy Tear-Aid? Try our PVC repair tape websites - clickHERE for www.tear-aid.co.uk