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    Textiles & Fabrics

    Fabric rolls

    red fabric

    blue ripstop nylon

    Nylon pu coated

    green pvc/polyester

    grey mesh

    We only use high performance industrial grade textiles and fabrics in the manufacture of our product range.

    As a major user of industrial flexible plastic sheets we hold large stocks of various types of flexible materials and are happy to sell material only.

    Please note that the colours shown on this page are a guide only - please request a sample if you need to see the exact colour

    Polyester Reinforced PVC (Protecta-Tex)

    Double coated material which has an extremely tough core polyester fabric and is coated on both sides with PVC.

    Available in 2 prime grades - medium duty and heavy duty. This material is non-stretch, waterproof, rot-proof, UV stabilised.

    Medium duty is 340gsm and heavy duty is 610gsm. Data sheets available for download  Protecta-Tex 340 or Protecta-Tex 610

    Black pvc

    Blue pvc

    Green pvc

    Grey pvc

    Yellow pvc

    Red pvc

    Black Cape Grain pvc

    Black BlueGreenGreyYellowRedBlack Cape Grain

    Coated Nylon (Ny-Tex)

    A single sided coating of PU (polyurethane) on various grades of nylon fabrics provides a range of aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing performance fabrics which are more flexible than the double coated fabrics. Available in 2oz and 4oz. The 2oz fabrics are showerproof and the 4oz fabrics are waterproof. Data sheets can be downloaded Ny-tex 65 or Ny-Tex 125

    The lightweight nylons are ideal for dustcovers and light duty machinery/equipment covers.

    Black PU Nylon

    Blue PU Nylon

    Green PU Nylon


    Car Hooding

    A low stretch water resistant vinyl on a poly-cotton fabric designed specifically for use in the production of car hoods. The poly-cotton underside is perfect for use in the variable climate in cars (hot in summer and cold in winter - often with little or no ventilation - since it provides absorption for condensation so that large drips of condensed water do not form on the underside of the hood, or drip off onto car users.

    Weather resistant, hardwearing, grain textured and washable.

    Black Hooding (black backcloth)

    Blue Hooding (black backcloth)

    Grey Hooding (black backcloth)

    Red Hooding (grey backcloth)

    White hooding (white backcloth)

    black backing
    black backing
    black backing
    grey backing
    white backing


    Headliner Fabric

    Headliner A pvc coated light density 3mm foam with nylon scrim backing. Economically priced padded fabric which is ideal for providing some protection to items which could be knocked or bumped - or where some sound deadening is required.

    Generally only available in grey, but other colours can be obtained if large quantities are involved


    10mm Foam_velour side 10mm medium density foam with a velour bonded to the topside and a nylon scrim on the underside.

    Ideal as a protective lining for padded bags and pouches where the contents need good protection against damage or noise deadening.

    Colour of velour finish varies according to stock on hand, but specific colours can be obtained for volume use.


    10mm Foam with 12oz PU nylon 10mm medium density foam with a heavy duty PU nylon (12 oz) fabric on the top side and a velour on the underside.

    Provides a high level of protection against damage when used in the manufacture of padded bags, pouches, wallets etc - perfect for loudspeaker enclosures etc.

    Generally available with a black PU nylon top and a red velour, but stocks do vary - please check with us.

    Want a sample of these materials? click here for sample