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  • poly-tarps


    These are the lowest cost tarpaulin sheet, made from laminated HDPE.

    They are a woven construction which makes them very flexible and are treated to provide UV resistance, water resistance, rot and mildew resistance.

    They are ideal for situations where 99.99% rain protection is required (standing water can eventually penetrate the weave) and where the cover is not going to be moved, folded or rolled very frequently. (folding/rolling will cause gradual weave separation).

    They make excellent dust sheets, log store covers and general purpose cheap tarpaulins.

    We only supply these in standard sizes - note that the sizes quoted are the sizes before hemming (so actual size is 50mm or so less in each direction).

    They have a roped hem to provide edge strength and have eyelets every 1 metre around the perimeter.

    Generally available in Blue only.

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